BRS Labs is the Leading Provider of Behavior Recognition Software for Video Surveillance Operations. AISightTM, created by BRS Labs, is the most powerful video surveillance software on the market. Out of the box it quickly becomes your security team’s most formidable weapon; autonomously building an ever-changing knowledgebase of activity seen through every camera on your video network. The result: AISight delivers accurate, real-time alerts on any suspicious behavior important enough for your team to respond!

It’s unacceptable to stop learning... So we built a system that doesn’t.

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More large security analytics deals now specifically call for behavioral recognition software from BRS Labs than any other vendor.– Tony Varco, Vice President, Security Division, Convergint Technologies.

BRS Labs has developed specialized, powerful computer systems that use artificial intelligence to learn to recognize and react to patterns of activity.– St. Petersburg Times, Florida

Winner: Best Intelligent Video Surveillance Solution 2011– Government Security News Magazine

After 12 minutes, the human brain overlooks 45% of all activity, and after a mere 22 minutes, the human brain overlooks 95% of all activity...

So when BRS Labs boldly boasts that AISight is "a revolutionary product that has changed the security industry forever," it's hard to disagree.– Ryan Gallagher,