Margaux, 49

I was a victim of a robbery last year. We were on a family vacation for the holidays almost on the other side of the world. Apparently, someone picked the lock of my back door and they used it as an entryway to the inside of my home. This incident was very traumatic for the whole family. This is not the first time it happened but so far, this is the worse. Every time although there were CCTVs around the area, the local police still weren’t able to catch the culprit. I already even upgraded my locks to no avail. Based on the investigation conducted during the unfortunate event, the robbers managed to cut off the wirings of my alarm. Because of this, it failed to work during the whole incident. So this time, I approached the BRS Labs after hearing about it from my colleague. I was impressed with the customer service representatives because it was obvious that they are really knowledgeable about their products. They explained to me the process of what they are going to do and explain to me how it would work. I agreed because their products seem good over the phone. They immediately installed it the next day and we even performed a dry run. Everything was great.

When we went for the weekend to NYC to visit my mom, my attention was caught by the notification I receive on my smartphone. Someone was trying to break in again into my house. This time, I immediately alerted the authorities who came in no time to my house. Then they caught two men in the act of tampering again on my locks. They were put to jail with my house remaining unscathed. Since then, such unfortunate incident did not happen again and this is all thanks to BRS Labs.