About Us

Desperate times call for desperate measures. With the high criminality rate we have at present, it is about time we use more extensive measures in securing our property. Whether it is your residential area or your business building you want to secure, BRS Labs could help you with that.

This company was established by the ex-marine officer Clyde Graham. Wars, bombing, terrorism, encounters, death – name it, he has seen it all. There is nothing more horrendous than being deployed in Afghanistan for more than a decade and a half. This is why when he chose to retire early, he picked up a security development company to establish. He believes that equipped with the knowledge and experiences he has, he can help make security locks more fool-proof and properties more secured. So, together with some friends who chose to trust his skills, he managed to start up this company in 2005.

His hard work immediately paid off. In just a couple of years, his company grew by leaps and bounds as more and more customers seek its service to ensure that their properties would be secured all the time. But he did not stop there. Graham continued to develop more and more security devices over the years. He is privy to the fact that no matter how secured your locks are, at some point there are those who are determined enough to unlock the secrets of your creations. So, he simply continued to improve his invention time and time again. He also took advantage of the improvement in the technology and incorporated it in his craft. Through rigorous effort, his company now is soaring when it comes to security devices.

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